718 Server with a 317 feel! OSRS weapons, noxious weapons, rs3 prayers, custom bosses, and much more!


Click to download the latest Client!

Custom Bosses

We have many custom bosses here at ClassifiedPk. Here are some: Reaper of Shadows, Noxio, Blink, OSRS bosses, and more!

Instant Pking or Bossing

Login and start playing ClassifiedPk right away! Combat stats can be set so no need to waste time.

Pk Commands to get instantly in the Pk fun!

We have ::pure, ::gmaul, ::rusher, ::voider, ::welfare, ::brid, and ::dh to be able to get PK action instantly!


We care very much about our community and try very hard to ensure everyone follows the guidelines. We try our best to stay involved and focus on what the community wants.

Video Makers Welcome

We welcome any media based player as much as any other server. All media uploaded can be shared on our forums for feedback and attention! You may even get your video on the homepage!

Always listen to suggestions or criticisms professionally

At ClassifiedPk, we care what you think. Don't like something? Let us know! We can do what we can to help you.

About ClassifiedPk

Some information on how ClassifiedPk began

The Beginning

ClassifiedPk is a new server, and I do sure hope it'll grow bigger. I have been working on this project for months, and I think its safe to say I am devoted. I only promote nice staff so that players can have an enjoyable experience. I love pking, and you might see me pking sometimes! (No I won't use cheats :P)